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Ventilation components for a healthy barn climate

In our shop you get quality products to perfectly control the climate in your barn!


Fan pipe installation
Fans frame installation
230V / 400V

frequency converter

230V frequency converter
400V frequency converter
more on request

climate controller

climate computer
temperature sensor
Spare parts climate computer

gas heater fan

Heating medium liquid and natural gas
spare parts Gasheizgebläse
Gas heater repair service

hot water heating

components for twin pipe
system heaters
more on request

gas heater

Gasolec heater
spare Parts
more on request

alarm devices

Alarm centers / telephone dialers
Spare parts / accessories alarm devices
more on request

Measuring and choke modules

Module closure flaps
Module closure flaps with measuring fan
Spare parts for module closure flaps

Stallklimashop system components exhaust chimney

Ventilation pipes “Venti” & half shell pipes
Fastening & sealing components
Intake nozzles & diffusers


230 V mains voltage
24 V mains voltage
more on request

Ventilation components for commercial use

A healthy climate for humans and animals is our goal.

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